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Mental health and wellbeing: whole school approach: framework

A whole school approach framework for schools to support children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing.

Mental health and wellbeing: whole school approach: framework
Appendix 2: Additional wellbeing assessments

Appendix 2: Additional wellbeing assessments

This list contains a small number of examples of additional wellbeing assessments that may complement embedded school-based approaches to evaluating progress and assessing wellbeing, as outlined in section 6. The focus of each will vary, and careful consideration and sensitive implementation is essential when using additional assessments. For a more comprehensive list, Anna Freud and the Child Outcomes Resource Centre (CORC) offer detailed review of further assessments. Selection of additional wellbeing assessments will depend on a range of factors in terms of purpose and some will be better for use at individual level, and others for wider use. It will be essential to be clear about a rationale for why a particular assessment is used, what question it is asking, what will be done with the confidential information gleaned, and what feedback will be offered.

Evaluation - Boxall Profile

Description: A psycho-social assessment tool used to determine children and young people's social and emotional functioning and wellbeing. Completed by school staff.

Target Group: Children and young people who may require nurturing intervention. – Primary and Secondary versions, cover age range 5-16

Free to use: No

Evaluation - Child and Youth Resilience Measure (CYRM)

Description: A self-report measure of social-ecological resilience.

Target Group: Child measure – 5-9 years, Youth measure – 10-23 years

Free to use: Yes

Evaluation - Glasgow Motivation and Wellbeing Profile (GWWP)

Description: A 20 item questionnaire that explores motivation and wellbeing in a learning context. Can be completed by children and young people and adults who work with them.

Target Group: 3-18 years old

Free to use: Yes

Evaluation - PASS for primary PASS for secondary

Description: A GL assessment that measures pupils wellbeing in 3 broad areas – how they feel about themselves, engagement with the curriculum and feelings about school and offers practical next steps.

Target Group: 4-18+ year olds

Free to use: No

Evaluation - SHINE pupil mental health and wellbeing survey

Description: An online survey for SHINE member schools – a comprehensive measure of different aspects of mental health and wellbeing, producing data reports which can be shared across the school community.

Target Group: P6-S6

Free to use: Yes

Evaluation - Stirling Wellbeing Scale

Description: Measures mental and physical wellbeing in children. Self-reporting.

Target Group: 5-18 years

Free to use: Yes

Evaluation - Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ)

Description: A brief behavioural screening questionnaire – completed by staff/parents and older young people. Measures emotional symptoms; conduct problems; hyperactivity/inattention, peer relationships and pro-social behaviour.

Target Group: 3-16 year olds

Free to use: Yes

Evaluation - Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale (WEMWS)

Description: Positively worded, covers feeling and functioning aspects of mental wellbeing.

Target Group: 13-16 years

Free to use: Yes