Whole Family Wellbeing Funding (WFWF) - year 1 process evaluation: final report – annexes

These annexes relate to the full report which presents the final findings from a process evaluation of Elements 1 and 2 of the Scottish Government Whole Family Wellbeing Funding (WFWF) in its first year of operation.

Annex 7: WFWF maturity model

The maturity model in Figure 18 below was developed using the data provided in the initial WFWF plans provided by CSPPs. This model was designed to illustrate broadly how far into their journey CSPPs were and what sorts of activities they planned to use WFWF for.

The X axis outlines that stage of journey that CSPPs were at before completing their initial WFWF plans. These were split into three categories:

  • Early, have either not begun their transformational journey, with no delivery or scoping work conducted to date, or have engaged only in preliminary scoping or research.
  • Moderate, have a good understanding of existing need or delivery from scoping work already completed, or have begun some early delivery, in a few instances in the form of small pilot programme.
  • Advanced, are well into their journey, already delivering a substantial amount of holistic whole family support. This may be because they have good local evidence on which their WFWF plans are based on.

The Y axis refers to the type of activities they planned for WFWF. It is worth noting that many CSPPs outline some combination of the three different kinds of activity, and this categorisation looks at their primary focus for the WFWF, i.e. the largest or most significant element activities outlined.

It is worth noting that this model relies entirely on information provided in CSPPs’ initial WFWF plans. As such, this model may rely on partial information, with some activities not included in initial plans that could affect where CSPPs fall within this model.

This model will be included and updated for the final WFWF Year 1 Evaluation report. At the time of drafting this report, two CSPPs had not submitted their initial plans, these CSPPs will be included in the updated maturity model in the final report.

Figure 18 CSPP whole family maturity model
The baseline version of the maturity matrix presented as a graphic. 7 CSPPs were categorised as ‘early’ and ‘exploratory’; 3 CSPPs categorised as ‘moderate’ and ‘exploratory’; 6 CSPPs were categorised as ‘early’ and ‘transforming delivery’; 5 CSPPs were categorised as ‘moderate’ and ‘transforming delivery’; 3 CSPPs were categorised as ‘advanced’ and ‘transforming delivery’; 2 CSPPs were categorised as ‘moderate’ and ‘scaling up’; 4 CSPPs were categorised as ‘advanced’ and ‘scaling up’.


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