Warmer Homes Scotland - first annual review

Annual review of our Warmer Homes Scotland scheme, looking at delivery from September 2015 to March 2016.


The following matrix shows whether or not Warmer Homes Scotland is on track to meet its stated objectives

Info Graphic

  • It is clear from the evidence presented that Warmer Homes Scotland is on track to meet at least two of its stated objectives and that a full data set was not available to make a conclusive determination on the other three.
  • However, the evidence that has been provided on Climate Change, Value for Money and Community Benefits shows that a positive start has been made.
  • It can also be concluded that the Warmworks Scotland delivery model aligns with the scheme's guiding principles.
  • Warmworks have established a service that is customer focussed and have set high standards in terms of quality, health & safety and customer care.
  • Priorities going forward should be to maintain that level of customer service, monitor subcontractor performance on remedial work, and put in place remaining reporting structures so that a full set of data can be considered in future years.
  • Warmer Homes Scotland could be made more accessible to potential customers by increasing awareness of the scheme and sharing information that will encourage uptake.


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