Warmer Homes Scotland - first annual review

Annual review of our Warmer Homes Scotland scheme, looking at delivery from September 2015 to March 2016.

6.0 Overall conclusions & recommendations

  • We suggest that a range of enabling measures are made available to assist customers such as asbestos removal and house/loft clearances for vulnerable groups [Action]
  • Further support needs to be considered for those in fuel poverty. 5.7% of customers cancelled applications as they could not afford the contributions however they were classified as being in fuel poverty and qualified for the scheme [Action]
  • We recommend that secondary glazing and doors are separated and offered as individual measures [Action]
  • We recommend that light bulbs are included within the specification for energy efficient light fittings [Action]
  • We recommend that Solar Blinds Shutters and Shades, Flexible Thermal Linings, Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery and Wind Turbines are reviewed from a contribution perspective i.e., loans option. We also recommend that Warmworks investigate the software they use on site allows for the recommendation of these measures and that surveyors are trained to recognise where this measure might be best suited as a recommendation [Action]
  • We recommend that the Scottish Government and Warmworks carry out a thorough 'demand' and 'supply chain' review on the following measures; Bio-Mass Stove No Central Heating; Ground Source Heat Pumps; Micro Hydro Systems; Micro Wind Systems and Micro Combined Heat and Power [Action]
  • We recommend that the Scottish Government cross reference the VAT qualifying person list with that of the eligible criteria for the Warmer Homes Scotland scheme and then develop a contingency plan in relation to grant funding levels to ensure the number of installs does not drop as result of the new legislation [Action]
  • We recommend that the Scottish Government apply updates to all specifications and compliance documents to ensure that the most up to date versions of legislation and specifications of the measures are being utilised in the scheme, as discussed in sections 4.2 and 5.0. [Action]


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