Warmer Homes Scotland - first annual review

Annual review of our Warmer Homes Scotland scheme, looking at delivery from September 2015 to March 2016.

WHS Glossary

AFIP Armed Forces Independence Payment
DECC Department of Energy and Climate Change
DLA Disability Living Allowance
DNQ Did Not Qualify
ECO Energy Companies Obligation
EPC Energy Performance Certificate
ESA Employment Support Allowance
ESP Employment and Skills Plan
EST Energy Saving Trust
EU European Union
GDAR Green Deal Advice Report
GSHP Ground Source Heat Pump
HEEPS Home Energy Efficiency Programmes for Scotland
HES Home Energy Scotland
JSA Job Seekers Allowance
KPI Key Performance Indicator
LLP Limited Liability Partnership
LPG Liquid Petroleum Gas
MCS Microgeneration Certification Scheme
PAS Publicly Available Specification
PAT Portable Appliance Testing
PCL Pennington Choices Limited
PIP Personal Independence Payment
rd SAP Reduced Data Standard Assessment Procedure
RFT Right First Time
RTC Referral To Completion
SAP Standard Assessment Procedure
SG Scottish Government
SME Small and medium-sized enterprises
VAT Value Added Tax
WHS Warmer Homes Scotland
WIP Work In Progress
WW Warmworks Scotland LLP


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