Ukraine - A Warm Scots Future: child rights and wellbeing impact assessment

Child rights and wellbeing impact assessment that looks to assess the impact of the 'A Warm Scots Future' policy paper on displaced children and young people from Ukraine in Scotland. It builds on, and should be read alongside the equality impact assessment and the Fairer Scotland duty summary.

Post Assessment Review and sign-off

11. Communicating impact to children and young people (Guidance Section 2.2)

How will you communicate to children and young people the impact that the relevant proposal is having or will have on their rights?

A communications plan will be put in place to ensure that the strategy is accessible for displaced people from Ukraine, including key stakeholders and representatives, to highlight the Scottish Government’s strategic aims in the medium to long-term.

Providing information to children and young people on how their rights are being or will be impacted helps to ensure that policy-development is transparent. Are you publishing a child-friendly or accessible CRWIA?


12. Planning for the review of impact on child rights (Stage 3) (Guidance Section 2.2)

As part of the decision making process, plans for reviewing the impact on child rights need to be developed.

  • How is the impact of the relevant proposal on child rights being monitored or how will it be monitored in the future?
  • When will you review your CRWIA and complete Stage 3?

The paper will not introduce any specific actions or changes that will cause an immediate impact on children’s rights or entitlements. Future proposed policy changes as a result of this policy position paper may require a respective CRWIA to consider impact.

13. Compatibility sign off statement (Guidance Section 2.2)

This relevant proposal has been assessed against the UNCRC requirements and has been found to be compatible.

Policy Lead Signature & Date of Sign Off:

Catherine Brown, 26th March 2024

Deputy Director Signature & Date of Sign Off:

Will Tyler-Greig, 9th April 2024

SGLD Sign Off: Yes



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