Value based health and care: action plan

Sets out the actions to support health and care colleagues practise Realistic Medicine and deliver value based health and care, by focusing on outcomes that matter to people, optimising use of health and care resources, and contributing to a more sustainable health and care system.

What does success look like?

To support the cultural and behavioural change required to implement VBH&C it’s important to visualise what success will look like.

Delivery of VBH&C

Commitment 1 Promote the practise of Realistic Medicine

We use a shared language around value that everyone understands. Our health and care colleagues practise Realistic Medicine and deliver Value Based Health & Care.

Commitment 2 Outcomes that Matter

Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) and Person Reported Experience Measures (PREMs) are gathered across the system and are used routinely to drive quantifiable improvements.

Commitment 3 Eliminate unwarranted variation

We systematically work together across the health and care system to identify & reduce unwarranted variation, monitor health and care inequalities in access, uptake and outcomes across population groups.

Commitment 4 Culture of Stewardship

Our health and care professionals are part of skilled and confident workforce that enables system and cultural change. Our community collaborates to problem solve, share learning and best practice, and support each other to deliver better value care.

Commitment 5 Sustainable Care

Our health and care colleagues are empowered to make decisions that make appropriate use of our precious resources.

Commitment 6 Public Engagement

The people we care for are empowered to make informed choices about their treatment and care based on what matters most to them.



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