Value based health and care: action plan

Sets out the actions to support health and care colleagues practise Realistic Medicine and deliver value based health and care, by focusing on outcomes that matter to people, optimising use of health and care resources, and contributing to a more sustainable health and care system.


Delivering Value Based Health & Care: A Vision for Scotland, describes how we can improve outcomes by collaborating with the people we care for to deliver care that is right for them.


Value Based Health & Care delivers better outcomes and experiences for the people we care for through the equitable, sustainable, appropriate and transparent use of available resources.

The principles of Realistic Medicine have gained widespread acceptance across Scotland: the six tenets outline how we can change the way we deliver health and care in Scotland.

Realistic Medicine aims to reduce harm, waste and unwarranted variation, while acknowledging and managing the inherent risks associated with all health and care, and championing innovation and improvement. These principles are essential to delivering a sustainable system for the future.

That is why we continue to support health and care colleagues by providing the tools and learning resources they need to practise Realistic Medicine. In doing so, we will foster stewardship across our health and care system where delivery of VBH&C is the norm.

This action plan aims to keep the promise we made in Delivering Value Based Health & Care.

Our Vision

Our vision is that:

"By 2030 all health and care professionals will be supported to deliver Value Based Health and Care. This will achieve the outcomes that matter to people and a more sustainable system."

We made six commitments in Delivering Value Based Health & Care which will help us to achieve our vision:

1. Continue to promote Realistic Medicine as the way to deliver Value Based Health and Care;

2. Promote the measurement of outcomes that matter to the people we care for, and explore how we can ensure a coordinated approach to their development and implementation;

3. Continue to support the development of tools that enable health and care colleagues to seek out and eliminate unwarranted variation in access to healthcare, treatment and outcomes;

4. Continue to build a community of practice and a culture of stewardship across Scotland;

5. Support delivery of sustainable care in line with the NHS Scotland climate emergency and sustainability strategy by reducing waste and harm;

6. Engage with the public to promote understanding of Realistic Medicine and VBH&C and its benefits for Scotland. We will also work to empower people to be equal partners in their care, through shared decision making enabling self- management, and promoting health literacy and healthy lifestyle choices.



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