University applications, offers and acceptances: trends

A response to the recommendation regarding applications, offer rates and acceptances made by Audit Scotland in its 2016 audit of higher education in Scottish universities.


1. Audit of Higher Education in Scottish Universities, July 2016. Available at

2. The period reviewed varied between topics contained within the report. This recommendation falls under Part 4, 'Being a Student in Scotland', which primarily considers data from 2014-15.

3. Eligible_for_Funding_17-18.pdf

4. The subject price groups for 2018-19 can be found on page 8 of SFC's 'Outcome agreement funding for universities – final allocations for 2018-19', available at

5. Medicine, Nursing and Midwifery, Dentistry and Initial Teacher Education. The number of places to be filled on these courses per year is calculated according to national workforce planning requirements.

6. These students are likely to enter their degree course in year 2 or 3 and would not count in the UCAS figures.

7. See 'Supplementary Data 4. Other Measures'.

8. The data from UCAS utilised in this response have been obtained from their publicly available reports. In general they relate to those who apply to study full-time first degree and postgraduate teacher training courses at HEIs, and do not include those applying to study part-time, or other postgraduate study.

9. In 2015 teacher training course applications were received through the UCAS undergraduate scheme for the first time. This resulted in an increase in applications, which skews attempts to measure like-for-like change prior to 2015.

10. The UCAS End of Cycle 2018 report does not include data on offers made to EU-domiciled applicants, nor the number of offers made by Scottish providers.

11. Very few Welsh-domiciled applicants apply to Scottish HEIs, and thus these figures are not provided by UCAS.

12. The recently published FA report is available here:









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