University of St Andrews - degrees and licenses in medicine and dentistry: consultation

This consultation sought views on removing a legislative prohibition under the Universities (Scotland) Act 1966 which prevents the University of St. Andrews from awarding degrees in medicine and dentistry.

4. Midwifery Degrees and Degrees and Licences in Dentistry

20. Although the University has advised the Scottish Government that it has no intention of offering degrees in midwifery or degrees or licences in dentistry, it is appropriate to entirely repeal the prohibition in the 1966 Act as it no longer fits today's context. No other UK higher education institution with degree awarding powers is prohibited from awarding degrees in these subjects by primary legislation. For instance, other Universities with existing degree awarding powers conferred under Royal Charter, or by the Privy Council, could generally decide to offer a degree course in these subjects if their governing body passed a resolution to this effect.

21. Furthermore, midwifery and dentistry are controlled subjects and, at present, there is no intention of changing the funding landscape for either of these.



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