Unintended overexposure of a patient during radiotherapy treatment at the Edinburgh Cancer Centre, in September 2015

The report of a detailed investigation of an incident involving a serious overexposure to ionising radiation for a patient undergoing radiotherapy, in September 2015.

1. The subject of this investigation

Between 14 th September 2015 and 18 th September 2015, a patient undergoing a course of radiotherapy received a dose of ionising radiation much greater than intended at the Edinburgh Cancer Centre in Scotland. Since the incident resulted from a procedural error, rather than from equipment failure, it has been reported and investigated under the provisions of Statutory Instrument 2000 No. 1059, The Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations 2000 (as amended) [1] (referred to in this report as the IR( ME) Regulations).

The regulator for the IR( ME) Regulations (the 'appropriate authority') in Scotland is the Scottish Ministers.


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