Public sector - understanding equality data collection: main report

This research describes and explores the range of equality and socio-economic disadvantage data collected by public sector organisations. Findings offer insights into what works best in terms of collecting, utilising and safeguarding robust data, highlighting major barriers to its collection or use.

Annex 2: Data collections included in the research

Stratum / Name of data collection

Education and skills

  • Student Record Template
  • Student Record Template - Higher Education
  • Student Enrolment Template - Further Education
  • Application for student support
  • Application for Disabled Students Allowance
  • Student Record Template
  • Funding application form
  • Hate Incident Monitoring Form
  • Apprenticeship applications
  • Student Record Template
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion survey
  • Careers Information Advice and Guidance Customer Feedback

Employment, labour and welfare

  • Feedback and Outcome Monitoring - Programme and Event Participants
  • Transition Fund application - Equalities Monitoring Form
  • Benefits applications
  • Client satisfaction survey

Health and social care

  • Experience of Living in a Care Home
  • Local Visits
  • Emergency Detention
  • Needs Assessment for Patient Transpport
  • A&E Admissions
  • Community First Responders
  • A&E Attendances


  • Application for complaint review
  • Application for case review
  • Interim Vulnerable Persons Database
  • Crime and Incident Management System
  • Prisoner Survey
  • Visitor Survey
  • Prisoner record system
  • Case management and referral system

Local authority

  • Housing Options
  • Homeless Applications
  • Consultation on 'How Good Is Your Place?'
  • Standard Membership Registration
  • NHS Referral Registration
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Community Justice client data
  • Pupil record template
  • Child Assessment Information
  • Adult social care client database
  • Annual Student Survey
  • Enrolment data

Other public sector body

  • Applications for grants (various types)
  • Survey of Scotland's Screen Crew
  • COVID-19 Impact and Recovery Survey
  • Volunteer Programme
  • Visitor Survey
  • Volunteer Equalities Monitoring Survey
  • Wellbeing Survey
  • Consultation on 'What's Your Heritage?'
  • Visitor Surveys
  • Active Scotland Outcomes Framework - Schools survey
  • Active Scotland Outcomes Framework - Club survey
  • Investment Applications



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