Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme in Scotland: statistics - December 2022

Latest data and information on the Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme in Scotland.

Welcome accommodation

Should a displaced person from Ukraine require welcome accommodation it is normally allocated via the core welcome hub in Edinburgh. When in welcome accommodation, matching discussions will take place to secure an offer of longer term accommodation. Welcome accommodation ranges from hotels to passenger ships.

As reported by welcome accommodation teams across Scotland on 7 December, there were 2,329 hotel rooms and 1,280 ship cabins occupied by displaced people from Ukraine in welcome accommodation in Scotland. There were around 6,840 people in welcome accommodation; 4,425 people occupying hotel rooms and 2,415 people on-board the passenger liners. In addition to already operational M/S Victoria in Leith, the M/S Ambassador Cruise liner in Glasgow became operational on 14 September. Please note that the number of people occupying hotel rooms is an estimate which assumes an average of 1.9 people per hotel room. The estimate of an average 1.9 people per room was based on partial data between August and September 2022 from the Edinburgh Welcome Hub on the number of displaced people entering temporary accommodation and the number of rooms occupied. The figure was calculated as an average of the number of people divided by the number of rooms they occupy. The number of people occupying passenger ship cabins is provided directly by the contracted partner.

By 6 December, there were 246 people who had disembarked passenger ship Ambition since 17 September, and 677 people who had disembarked passenger ship Victoria since 26 July.

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