UEFA EURO 2028 - commercial rights protection: consultation - easy read

This consultation paper seeks input from street traders, media owners, and businesses in event zones potentially impacted by EURO 2028 measures. We also seek input from residents and groups across Scotland on various measures, like street trading and ticket touting.


Advertising without a license was not allowed in events zones during EURO 2020.

These rules are meant to stop event zones getting too busy. We expect to use the same rules for EURO 2028.

These rules would not be for all advertising. Demonstrating and campaigns would be allowed. This may be about political or religious beliefs.

Some advertising that was already in the event zones was allowed to stay. This was to reduce the impact on business.

People found guilty of advertising without permission during EURO 2020 could be fined up to £20,000. We think this should be the same for EURO 2028.

We think Police should make sure the laws on advertising are followed.

There should be guides on advertising. These would help people understand and follow the rules.


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Email: majorevents@gov.scot

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