UEFA EURO 2028 - commercial rights protection: consultation - easy read

This consultation paper seeks input from street traders, media owners, and businesses in event zones potentially impacted by EURO 2028 measures. We also seek input from residents and groups across Scotland on various measures, like street trading and ticket touting.


Scotland will co-host the European Championship or ‘EURO’ in 2028. This will be part of a UK and Ireland football contest. It will happen in Summer 2028 and last 4 weeks.

Matches in Scotland will be played at Hampden Park in Glasgow. There will be host cities across the UK and Ireland. Hampden Park and other areas in Glasgow will be called ‘event zones’ during the event.

Some big sport events need special protection.

UEFA is the Union of European Football Associations It wants to protect its rights during the event.

These rights include their own and companies that sponsor the event. It also wants to ban re-selling tickets.

These rules are mostly the same as for EURO 2020. We think these rules worked well.

The Scottish Government wants to ask people for their views. This is called a consultation. We are asking for views on how we should protect rights in Scotland for EURO 2028.

We want to hear from businesses in event zones who have outdoor adverts. This includes bars and restaurants. These businesses could be affected.

Some rules would only affect event zones. Rules for ticket re-selling would be for all of Scotland. We want to hear views from people all over Scotland.


Email: majorevents@gov.scot

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