Time use in Scotland 2020: ONS Online Time Use Survey - gender analysis

Looks at how time was used in Scotland in 2020 with a focus on gendered differences between women and men.

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1. Statistical significance testing is used to determine how certain we are that differences seen in the survey are due to real-world gender differences. Significance testing was done at the 95% level, which means that there is a less than 1 in 20 chance that if there was no actual gender difference, that we would see a difference in the analysis through random chance. In figures 3-6 statistically significant findings are shown in blue, and non-significant findings in orange.

2. As respondents were asked to self-identify their sex, we have reported this as gender, and have therefore used the terms men and women.

3. The HETUS guidelines can be found here:

4. Reg Gatenby, Comparison of time use data from pre-coded diaries and fully-written diaries, London: Office for National Statistics, 2003



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