Tied pubs - Scottish Pubs Code - part 2: consultation

This consultation seeks views on our proposals on the Scottish Pubs Code for tied pubs and on financial penalties and on fees and expenses for arbitration.

Glossary of terms

Tied pub: these are pubs which are owned by a pub-owning business and leased to a tenant. Tenants must buy some or all of their products and services from the pub-owning business or someone nominated by the pub-owning business ("the tie"). Ties can include, for example, beer and these products and services are often charged at a higher cost than on the open market. In return, tenants sometimes pay lower rent and receive other support from the pub-owning business.

Tied pub tenant: these are tenants under leases of tied pubs.

Pub-owning businesses: these are the landlords under leases of tied pubs.

Rent assessment: an assessment of the rent a tenant must pay

Rent review: a review of the rent payable. The frequency of rent reviews is normally set out in the lease.



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