Tied pubs - Scottish Pubs Code - part 2: consultation

This consultation seeks views on our proposals on the Scottish Pubs Code for tied pubs and on financial penalties and on fees and expenses for arbitration.

Ministerial Foreword

I would like firstly to thank everyone who took part in the first consultation on the Scottish Pubs Code which focused on Market Rent Only leases and guest beer agreements. The detailed responses will be invaluable in refining the code and making it work. The responses to the first consultation are currently being analysed and we will publish the consultation analysis shortly.

This second consultation builds on the first consultation and seeks your views on what else the Scottish Pubs Code should cover. This is likely to be a combination of things the Scottish Government are legally required to do, alongside some areas which we think support the regulatory principles at the core of the code. The consultation also seeks your views on financial penalties for non-compliance with the code, as well as fees and expenses for arbitration under the code.

The Scottish Pubs Code will provide a regulatory framework which aims to re-balance the relationship between landlords and tenants. It should be fair to both landlords and tenants and the Scottish Government is keen for it to be clear and easy to use.

Pubs make a real contribution to the economic and social fabric of Scottish life and I want to see them flourish. I welcome your views on this second consultation on the Scottish Pubs Code.

Ivan McKee MSP
Minister for Business, Trade, Tourism and Enterprise


Email: Tiedpubsconsultation@gov.scot

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