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Third Sector Interface: outcome framework

Published: 16 Nov 2018

Activites and outcomes of Third Sector Interface (TSI) work funded by the Scottish Government.

Third Sector Interface: outcome framework
Measuring your outcomes

Measuring your outcomes

The main outcomes you will measure will be your short term outcomes.

A monitoring and evaluation plan should help with collecting evidence about planned activities and outcomes. The plan might include:

  • Outcome indicators (what to measure to see if the outcome is happening)
  • The evidence collection methods or tools to use
  • How and when to capture baseline – the starting point
  • When to collect evidence – and who will do it
  • Where evidence or data will be stored (a database, a cupboard)

A template plan might look like this


Indicators (what success looks like)

How to collect evidence

When and who collect (baseline)

When and who collect on review

See ESS guides on indicators and methods.

It would also be helpful to include examples of evidence of medium term outcomes. if helpful we could develop indicators for these.


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