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Tenanted agricultural land in Scotland 2016-2017

Published: 26 Apr 2017
Agriculture and Rural Economy Directorate
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Average rates of agricultural rent paid for farmland in Scotland; analysis over time and by category.

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Tenanted agricultural land in Scotland 2016-2017
2. Introduction

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2. Introduction

This publication provides information on rented agricultural land in Scotland from the December Agricultural Survey, which collects information on rents paid. It samples from larger holdings only.

Data on the extent of rented land in Scotland is now included in a more comprehensive manner in the 'Results from the June 2016 Scottish Agricultural Census', and so these have been removed from this publication. They are available at

The following symbols are used in this publication

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- too few farms involved to publish

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Terminology: Rented or Tenanted?

Please note that for the purposes of this publication we have used the terms 'rented' and 'tenanted' as different concepts, to distinguish whether data includes rented crofts.

'Rented' refers to all rented land, including rented crofts.

'Tenanted' does not include crofted land.

Unless otherwise stated, both refer to arrangements that last for one year or more. Seasonal lets are generally reported separately.


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