Technical, Logistical, and Economic Considerations for the Development and Implementation of a Scottish Salmon Counter Network: Scottish Marine and Freshwater Science Vol 7 No 2

This report provides an extensive review of electronic counter technologies and their potential for implementation in Scotland’s rivers. We consider all major types of proven counter technologies and software implemented by companies and government agenci


We would like to thank the steering group and Marine Scotland Science staff for their thoughtful and constructive feedback throughout the project (John Armstrong, Colin Bean, Ian Davies, Alistair Duguid, Ross Gardiner, Jeff Gibbons, Chris Hall, James Hunt, Bob Laughton, Julian Maclean, Iain Malcolm, James Orpwood, Brian Shaw, Ian Simpson). We would also like to thank Donna-Claire Hunter for coordinating the earlier part of the project and all the biologists and technicians that hosted IFR during site visits. We would also like to acknowledge Alastair Stephen, Magnus Thor Asgeirsson, Duncan Grey, Briony Hutton, Francisco Neira, Scott Walters, Jeff Fryer for providing valuable information on counter technologies. We are grateful to Brian Leaf, Keri Benner from Fisheries and Oceans Canada, and Dean Peard from the BC Ministry of Environment, for providing DIDSON datasets. Joel Harding provided valuable comments on earlier drafts of this report.


This work is dedicated to Don McCubbing for his passion, knowledge, and creativity in fisheries. Don grew up and began his career in fisheries in Scotland, but it was in Canada where he became an expert in fish counter technologies. It is fitting that this work would merge the two countries that he called home. He will be forever missed.


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