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Supporting Scotland's STEM Education and Culture - Science and Engineering Education Advisory Group - second report

Published: 28 Feb 2012
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Recommendations for improving the profile of science in the community and enhancing science and engineering education.

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133 page PDF

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Supporting Scotland's STEM Education and Culture - Science and Engineering Education Advisory Group - second report

133 page PDF

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Written Evidence

  • Gillian Black, Director of Policy Affairs, OPITO
  • Deans of Science and Engineering
  • Schools Science Education Research Centre ( SSERC)
  • Janette Kean, ASE
  • Local Authority representatives through the Directors of Education survey
  • Professor Jack Jackson
  • Moyna Kennedy, STEMNET
  • Scottish Council for Development and Industry ( SCDI)

Representation at SEEAG meetings

August 2010

  • Graham Donaldson, in his capacity as Chair of review of teacher education
  • The following contributed to SEEAG's Excellence Group considerations:
    • Lord Robert Winston, Imperial College, London
    • Dr Janet Brown, Chief Executive, Scottish Qualifications Authority ( SQA)
    • Professor Stuart Monro, Scientific Director, Our Dynamic Earth
    • Professor Alyson Tobin, Scottish Deans of Science and Engineering
    • Fred Young, Chief Executive, Scottish Schools Equipment Research Centre
    • Margaret Anne Johnston, St Luke's School, East Renfrewshire

November 2010

  • Alyson Tobin, Scottish Deans of Science and Engineering on the Excellence Group work

May 2011

  • Louise Smith, CEO of Dundee Science Centre
  • Wendy French, Development Officer, Learning and Teaching Scotland

July 2011

  • Dr Janet Brown, SQA
  • Alison Plummer, SQA

September 2011

  • Professor Jack Jackson

Stand-alone Meetings

  • 8 March 2011 - Dr Robin Hoyle and Sharon Macnab, Glasgow Science Centre; Hannah Crookes and Linda Leuchars, Dundee Science Centre; Gemma Catton, Satrosphere; and Dr Christine Angus and Prof Stuart Monro, Dynamic Earth
  • 23 November 2011 - Meeting with Scottish Science Advisory Group
  • 29 November 2011 - Meeting with STEMNET Contract Holders
  • 16 December 2011 - Meeting with Moyna Kennedy, STEMNET
  • 16 December 2011 - Meeting with Professor Jim Hough, Scottish Science Advisory Council

Representation at SEEAG Stakeholder Sessions - invitees

15 March 2011- Robert Gordon College

  • Tom Horner, British Science Association
  • Claire Thorne, RCUK Digital Economy Research, Aberdeen University
  • Ken Skeldon, Aberdeen University
  • Sam Cordiner, TechFest SetPoint
  • John Graham, Aberdeenshire City Council
  • Margaret Ritchie, Torry Academy
  • Susan Walker, Aberdeen College
  • Lynn Scanlon, Aberdeen City Council
  • Ian Armstrong, Area Adviser, SCDI
  • Mike Duncan, OPITO
  • Louise Smith, Dundee Science Centre
  • Alastair Dixon, Aboyne Academy
  • Clare Neely, Macaulay Land Use Research Institute
  • Mary Mackay, Whitehills School
  • 6 Robert Gordon's College pupils and teachers

10 May 2011 - Dundee Science Centre

  • Susan Kellington, Balcurvie Primary School, Fife
  • Mary Logue, Angus Council Education Department
  • Rhona Duncan, Menzieshill High School, Dundee
  • Dr Paul Campbell, Public Engagement Champion, University of Dundee
  • Prof John Palfreyman, Abertay University, Head of Contemporary Sciences
  • Jennifer Young, Techfest Setpoint, Tayside Manager
  • Prof Alyson Tobin, Dean of Science, University of St Andrews
  • Dr Alan Bruce, Abertay University
  • Brian Carroll, Harris Academy
  • Prof Brian Hudson, University of Dundee, Associate Dean, School of Education, Social Work and Community Education
  • June Jelly, Dundee City Council Education Development Services
  • Dr Ken Scott-Brown, Abertay University
  • Sarah Chew, Techfest Setpoint

12 July - Stirling Management Centre

  • Dr Jenny Rodgers, Royal Society of Chemistry, Regional Co-ordinator, Scotland
  • Kevin Price, CEO, Scottish Stem Cell Network
  • Anne Conrad, Human Health/Chemicals Policy, Environmental Futures and Trends Unit, Scottish Environment Protection Agency
  • David Pirie, Chief Officer for Science and Strategy, SEPA
  • Steuart Cuthbert, Field Officer Scotland, Association for Science Education
  • Tony Bragg, Quality Improvement Officer, Falkirk Council
  • Sandra Lowson, Director, Global Web Limited
  • Frank McKeever, Global Science

6 September 2011 - Royal Society of Edinburgh

  • Lord Sutherland of Houndwood, Education Committee Convener
  • Professor Sally Brown, Deputy Convener of Education Committee
  • Professor Geoffrey Boulton, Member
  • Keir Bloomer, Member
  • Professor Graham Donaldson, Member
  • Bristow Muldoon, Parliamentary Liaison Officer
  • William Hardie, Secretary to the Education Committee

Peer reviewers

  • Professor Susan Deacon
  • Professor Lindsay Paterson
  • Fred Young
  • Moyna Kennedy
  • Professor Alyson Tobin
  • Gordon Doig, Institute of Physics
  • Christina Potter, Principal, Dundee College
  • Nicola Nielsen, Education Scotland
  • Professor Stuart Monro, Our Dynamic Earth
  • Professor Graham Donaldson