Supporting Healthy Choices: A Framework for Voluntary Action

This framework sets out the action we believe is necessary to shape and better support healthier diets in Scotland.

Annex B

Guidance on Healthier Meal Deals

The following guidelines are set with the aim of rebalancing meal deals, especially where customers include school-age children and young people. Meal deals available for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner should all be considered.

Guiding Principles:

  • Meals should be based around starchy carbohydrates such as bread, potatoes, rice and pasta
  • Meals should contain a portion fruit and/or vegetables
  • Items included should not be high in fats, salt or sugars


Examples of foods to include:

Note: All items included should meet the criteria set out in Annex C

  • Sandwich (Annex C, category 28)
  • Prepared salad dish that includes starchy carbohydrate (Annex C, category 27)
  • Heated takeaway dish (Annex C, category 25)
  • Baked potato (Annex C, category 8)
  • Vegetable based soup (Annex C, category 26)
  • Yogurt (Annex C, categories 20, 21)
  • Portion of fruit or vegetables (Annex C categories 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
  • Drinks (including full fat milk) (Annex C, categories 19, 22 and 23)
  • Breakfast cereal (Annex C, category 13)
  • Ready meal (Annex C, category 25)
  • Frozen vegetables (Annex C, category 4)
  • Whole grain bread (Annex C, category 7)
  • Canned fruit (Annex C, category 2)
  • Salmon (Annex C, category 14)
  • Potatoes (Annex C, category 8)
Examples of meal deal combinations for promotion
Main item Suggested combination
Sandwich Example 1
  • sandwich (Annex C, category 28)
  • portion of fresh fruit (Annex C, category 1)
  • 200ml reduced fat milk (Annex C, category 19)
Salad dish Example 2
  • salad dish containing potatoes, rice, pasta or couscous
    (Annex C, category 27)
  • 150g yogurt (Annex C, categories 20, 21)
  • bottled water (Annex C, category 22)
Soup and sandwich Example 3
  • vegetable soup (Annex C, category 26)
  • sandwich (Annex C, category 28)
Takeaway dish or ready meal Example 4
Breakfast Example 5
  • breakfast cereal (Annex C, category 13)
  • reduced fat milk (Annex C, category 19)
  • portion of fresh fruit (Annex C, category 1)
Evening meal (for home consumption) Example 6
  • ready meal (Annex C, category 25)
  • frozen vegetables (Annex C, category, 4)
  • whole grain bread (Annex C, category 7)
  • canned fruit (Annex C, category 2)
Evening meal (for home consumption) Example 7
  • salmon filet (Annex C, category 14)
  • new potatoes (Annex C, category 8)
  • fresh vegetables (Annex C, category 1)
  • fresh fruit salad (Annex C category 1)


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