Supporting Healthy Choices: A Framework for Voluntary Action

This framework sets out the action we believe is necessary to shape and better support healthier diets in Scotland.

Annex A

Population Level Dietary Goals for Scotland 2013[32]

Calories A reduction in calorie intake by 120 kcal/person/day

Average energy density of the diet to be lowered to 125 kcal/100g by reducing intake of high fat and/or sugary products and by replacing with starchy carbohydrates (e.g. bread, pasta, rice and potatoes), fruits and vegetables

the energy density of a food is the calorie content per unit weight of foodstuff
Fruit & Vegetables Average intake of a variety of fruit and vegetables to reach at least 5 portions per person per day (>400g per day)
Oily Fish Oil rich fish consumption to increase to one portion per person (140g) per week
Red Meat No increase in average intakes of red and processed meat

Limit individual intake of red and processed meat to no more than 90g/day
Fats Average intake of total fat to reduce to no more than 35% food energy

Average intake in saturated fat to reduce to no more than 11% food energy

Average intake of trans fatty acids to remain below 1% food energy
Sugar Average intake of Non-Milk Extrinsic Sugars[33] to reduce to less than 11% of food energy in children and adults
Salt Average intake of salt to reduce to 6g per day
Fibre An increase in average consumption of fibre[34] to increase to 18g/day by increasing consumption of wholegrains, pulses and vegetables


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