Supporting & Empowering Scotlands Citizens: National Action Plan for Technology Enabled Care

Sets out actions to help people access and use technology to support their health and wellbeing at home and in their communities.


The principles underpinning our vision and aims are:

  • Citizen-centred: work with citizens, users and patients to co-design and develop solutions which support the management and delivery of their own health and wellbeing, with a particular focus on addressing health inequalities;
  • Flexible: facilitate flexible solutions which expand choice, control, coverage and accessibility;
  • Familiar: build on existing and increasingly familiar technologies and favour the adoption of simple, low cost approaches which can be tailored to the individual, utilising users own technologies where and when practical to do so;
  • Facilitative: Support service redesign to integrate new ways of working into mainstream service provision and pathways;
  • Innovative: secure continued investment in innovation to ensure a pipeline of 'next generation' solutions for the benefit of our citizens and our economy, and work with national procurement bodies to ensure supportive procurement frameworks;
  • Efficient: optimise efficiencies through significantly scaling up the application and use of TEC in home and community settings, and enabling our specialist health and care resources to be targeted in the most effective ways.

" digital technology is one of a small number of genuine opportunities to sustain the health and care system." [4]


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