Strengthening The Commitment: The Report of the UK Modernising Learning Disabilities Nursing Review

The report aims to ensure that people with learning disabilities of all ages have access to expert Learning Disabilities Nurses and that their families and carers get the best support and care. It also seeks to make best use of Learning Disabilities Nurses throughout the entire health and social care system and improve the career image of learning disabilities nursing as a whole.


A Source: Mencap (

B Emerson E, Hatton C (2008) Estimating Future Need for Adult Social Care Services for People with Learning Disabilities in England. Centre for Disability Research: Lancaster.

C "Carer" refers to: "... someone who looks after a partner, husband or wife, son or daughter, relative or friend with a disability or illness. Many carers live with the person they care for, but many look after someone who lives independently, in supported accommodation, in hospital, or in a care home … Carers are family members or friends who look after someone without pay or financial reward. They are sometimes known as 'informal' carers or more frequently as unpaid carers." Source: Scottish Government (2011) The Future of Unpaid Care in Scotland: headline report and recommendations [online]. Available at:

D Accessible communication means designing information that is easier for everyone to use. This may mean producing material in a specific format such as large print, audio or Easy read. (Source:

E Within this report, "health" is viewed as encompassing physical, social and psychological conditions that enable individuals to achieve their potential (10). Recognising that each person's potential will differ, the role of learning disabilities nurses is in advising against, preventing and/or removing obstacles that limit the extent to which people with learning disabilities are able to achieve their individual potential.

F NHS provision may include partly or fully integrated health and social care structures/services.


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