Strategic Equity Fund: national operational guidance 2022

Guidance to support local authorities plan how they will most effectively spend their Strategic Equity funding.

Strategic Equity Funding Allocations

How much is it?

Strategic Equity Funding is provided through the £1 billion Attainment Scotland Fund – to be invested over the course of this parliamentary term to support education recovery and tackle the poverty-related attainment gap.

All local authority areas will have a clear role to play and will share £43 million annually.

Strategic Equity Funding allocations have been confirmed over the next four financial years, providing clarity to support strategic planning over that period.

Information on allocations.

How is it allocated?

£43 million in Strategic Equity Funding will be distributed equitably based on Children in Low Income Families data for the 2019/20 financial year.

By directly measuring household income, Children in Low Income Families data provides a precise count of children impacted by poverty and therefore effectively reflects the needs of individuals in each local authority.

The approaches and enhanced resources supported by this funding must be targeted towards children and young people impacted by poverty, informed by local understanding of local need.



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