Social Security Programme Business Case

View on the whole life costs and benefits of the programme, over a 30 year timeframe to 2050.



2. Based on Scottish Government analysis of Scottish Fiscal Commission forecasts.

3. Based on forecasts from the Scottish Fiscal Commission published on 6 February 2020, Social Security Scotland will be paying out over £4 billion in demand led benefits by 2024/25.

4. See Programme Business Case Table 2.2.

5. From a survey respondent, 'Agency Opening Hours'

6. See Programme Business Case Table 2.2

7. The quotation is from paragraph 94.


9. Based on £4 billion of benefits expenditure per year over thirty years. This is an illustrative figure, as many factors will influence the path of expenditure over time, including inflation, demographics and policy choices by governments in Scotland and at the UK level.

10. To note, in this chart the high point shown in the in the early years is because Social Security Scotland has recruited people in advance to train them before certain benefits begin delivery.




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