The Social Security (Miscellaneous Amendment and Transitional Provision) (Scotland) Regulations 2022: islands communities impact assessment screening template

The islands communities impact assessment (ICIA) considers changes to Best Start Foods, Best Start Grants and Scottish Child Payment in relation to the impacts on people living in the Islands under Section 8 of the Islands (Scotland) Act 2018.

Step Three – Consultation

Is there are information already gathered through previous engagements?

Yes – ICIAs previously completed on introduction of BSG,[16] BSF,[17] and SCP.[18]

How will you carry out your consultation and in what timescales? Public meetings/Local Authorities/key Stakeholders

We will share details of proposed changes with key stakeholders – Islands LAs and Islands Federation for their feedback on any specific impacts for island communities.

What questions will you ask when considering how to address island realities?

What are the positive/negative impacts for island communities? Are there any specific inter-island differences we need to consider?

Separate consultation events for Island communities/Local Authorities?

Yes – we will consult with Islands Federation and Island Local Authorities on the proposed changes separately.



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