Building a New Scotland: Social security in an independent Scotland

Sets out the Scottish Government’s proposals for social security in an independent Scotland.

What our proposals mean for you

We would use the full powers of independence to build a social security system that works for everyone in Scotland. The proposals in this publication are designed so that you:

  • continue to receive any social security benefits you currently receive on time and in full
  • are treated with dignity, fairness and respect every time you use Scotland’s new social security system – this would apply across all benefits, including those that are currently reserved to Westminster
  • have a genuine safety net of support if you lose your job, take on caring responsibilities, fall ill or become disabled, or experience other circumstances that impact on your ability to undertake paid work and pay into a pension
  • benefit from a progressive approach to making policy in an independent Scotland, one that sees social security as a human right, making poverty a less likely outcome for all



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