Social Security Experience Panels: who is in the panels - visual summary

Summary of demographic information about the make-up of the Experience Panels and their feedback on participating in the research so far.

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Experience of taking part in the Social Security Experience Panels

We asked panel members about their experience of taking part so far.

What worked well:

Feeling listened to

"It feels as though someone is finally listening to us!"

Choice of how to take part

"Giving us choices about participating, different formats and enough time to complete [surveys]"

Easy to use surveys

"I think the various surveys have been designed very well and have been made accessible for everyone."

Options to attend face-to-face events

"The format has been easy to take part in, staff are very friendly and happy to help."

"Meeting different people and learning what they have gone through and their struggles"

What can we improve?

More opportunities to come to events in your area or take part in other ways

"More touring to all areas of Scotland"

Using technology so people can take part remotely

Meeting researchers at home

"My husband has severe anxiety but would like to participate, so some home-based visits would have been a better option or it risks excluding people who for whatever reason cannot get to external venues."

Timing of events

"I've been unable to take part in any of the focus groups as I work during the day. It would be good if a few could be run in the evening for those of us who are unable to attend during the day"

More information ahead of events and updates about social security

"Be more informative also more updates on all aspects; more opportunities for stakeholders to have their input"

"Closer ties and more regular feedback, otherwise people become disillusioned and feel that their contributions are irrelevant."


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