Social Security Experience Panels - About Your Benefits and You: quantitative research findings

This report contains the quantitative research findings from the Social Security Experience Panels’ ‘About Your Benefits and You’ research.

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Annex B: Report sent to Social Security Experience Panels members on the membership demographics up to 12 May 2017

Experience Panels

Have your say - What we know about the people who signed up to the Experience Panels

Thanks for signing up for the Social Security Experience Panels. This is what you told us about yourselves. It gives information on everyone who signed up by the 12 th May:

  • Where you all live in the country
  • What benefits you all have experience of
  • How you would all like to be contacted
  • What your support needs are

We have created two versions of this leaflet:

  • an Easy Read version of this, and
  • a version with simple formatting and no graphics.

We know this from the information you gave us when you applied to join. We have made sure the information does not identify you personally but wanted you to know what we have found out so far.

This leaflet is being sent out to all of the people that have joined the Experience Panels, along with a letter from the Scottish Social Security Minister, Ms Jeane Freeman MSP.

We welcome any comments and suggestions about how both versions of this leaflet could be improved.

Recruitment has been extended, and will now end on the 9 th June 2017. We will be doing more work on the information you have given us and will keep you up to date about what we find out.

Experience Panels

Analysis - Easy Read Version

Easy Read Version - How many people signed up to the Experience Panels?

Easy Read Version - How do people on the panels want to be contacted?

Easy Read Version - What benefits do people on the panels have experience of?

Easy Read Version - What support needs do people on the panels have?

Easy Read Version - Where do people on the panels live?

Experience Panels

Analysis - Simple version

How many people signed up to the Experience Panels

Recruitment to the Experience Panels opened on the 3 rd March 2017 for 10 weeks. By 12 th May 2017, 2335 people had joined.

How do Experience Panel members want to be contacted?

  • 85% of you said by email
  • 57% of you said by post
  • 37% of you said by text
  • 26% of you said by mobile
  • 18% of you said by home phone.

What support needs Panel members have?

  • 63% of you said support getting to a venue/support in a venue
  • 23% of you said easy read
  • 19% of you said support to complete things by phone or in person
  • 14% of you said large print.

Where do Experience Panel members live?

Local Authority Number of people
Aberdeen City 55
Aberdeenshire 46
Angus 52
Argyll & Bute 52
Clackmannanshire 20
Dumfries & Galloway 50
Dundee City 75
East Ayrshire 33
East Dunbartonshire 27
East Lothian 39
East Renfrewshire 40
Edinburgh City 262
Eilean Siar 6
Falkirk 57
Fife 164
Glasgow City 340
Highland 111
Inverclyde 51
Midlothian 21
Moray 32
North Ayrshire 61
North Lanarkshire 108
Orkney Islands 5
Perth & Kinross 67
Renfrewshire 87
Scottish Borders 61
Shetland Islands 12
South Ayrshire 36
South Lanarkshire 131
Stirling 37
West Dunbartonshire 60
West Lothian 64
No Local Authority stated 129

What benefits do panel members have experience of:

Name of Benefit Number of people
Disability Living Allowance 877
Personal Independence Payment 873
Carer's Allowance 440
Winter Fuel Payment 368
Cold Weather Payment 262
Discretionary Housing Payment 236
Severe Disablement Allowance 148
Scottish Welfare Fund 147
Universal Credit 134
Attendance Allowance 71
Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit 57
Healthy Start 46
Funeral Expenses Payment 32
Sure Start Maternity Grant 18


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