Social Security assistance - effects of inflation: report 2020-2021

A report on the impact of inflation on devolved social security assistance as required under section 77 of the Social Security (Scotland) Act 2018.

7. Inflation-adjusted figures

7.1 Under section 77 of the Act there is a requirement to calculate the inflation-adjustedfigures for all devolved assistance in Part 2, Chapter 2 which are in effect; the Young Carer Grant, Funeral Support Payment, Best Start Grant and Child Winter Heating Assistance. The inflation-adjusted figures are provided in Table 1. The 2020-21 levels for these benefits have been uprated with the September 2020 CPI (0.5%).

Table 1 - Assistance covered by Section 77 of the Act
Benefit 2020-21 levels Inflation-adjusted levels
Best Start Grant Pregnancy and Baby Payment (1st Child Payment) £600.00 £603.00
Best Start Grant Pregnancy and Baby Payment (Subsequent Child Payment & Extra Payment for Twins/Triplets) £300.00 £301.50
Best Start Grant Early Learning Payment and School Age Payment £250.00 £251.25
Child Winter Heating Assistance £200.00 £201.00
Funeral Support Payment (£1,000 rate) £1,000.00 £1,005.00
Funeral Support Payment (£122.05 rate) £122.05 £122.65
Funeral Support Payment (£20.35 rate) £20.35 £20.45
Young Carer Grant £305.10 £306.65

Note: rounding to the nearest multiple of 5p is applied

7.2 Table 2 presents inflation-adjusted figures for the other forms of devolved assistance that are not covered by section 77. Attendance Allowance, Carer's Allowance, Disability Living Allowance, Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit, Personal Independence Payment and Severe Attendance Allowance are to be uprated through powers under UK legislation as a requirement of the Agency Agreement and Carer's Allowance Supplement is to be uprated through section 81 of the Act. Best Start Foods and Job Start Payment are not delivered under the Act but are included for completeness. The inflation-adjusted levels have been calculated using September 2020 CPI (0.5%).

Table 2 - Assistance not covered by Section 77 of the Act
Benefit (weekly rate unless otherwise shown) 2020-21 levels Inflation-adjusted levels
Attendance Allowance
Higher rate £89.15 £89.60
Lower Rate £59.70 £60.00
Best Start Foods
During pregnancy and between the ages of 1 and 3 £4.25 £4.25
From birth until 1 year old 2 x £4.25 payments £8.50 £8.50
Carer's Allowance £67.25 £67.60
Carer's Allowance Supplement £8.85 £8.90
Disability Living Allowance
Care Component Highest Rate £89.15 £89.60
Care Component Middle Rate £59.70 £60.00
Care Component Lowest Rate £23.60 £23.70
Mobility Component Higher Rate £62.25 £62.55
Mobility Component Lower Rate £23.60 £23.70
Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit
1.0 £182.00 £182.90
0.9 £163.80 £164.61
0.8 £145.60 £146.32
0.7 £127.40 £128.03
0.6 £109.20 £109.74
0.5 £91.00 £91.45
0.4 £72.80 £73.16
0.3 £54.60 £54.87
0.2 £36.40 £36.58
Job Start Payment
Job Start Payment standard rate £250.00 £251.25
higher rate £400.00 £402.00
Personal Independence Payment
Daily Living Component Enhanced Rate £89.15 £89.60
Daily Living Component Standard Rate £59.70 £60.00
Mobility Component Enhanced Rate £62.25 £62.55
Mobility Component Standard Rate £23.60 £23.70
Severe Disablement Allowance
Basic Rate £80.85 £81.25
Age related addition Higher Rate £12.10 £12.15
Middle Rate £6.70 £6.75
Lower Rate £6.70 £6.75

Note: rounding to the nearest multiple of 5p is applied except IIDB where the 100% degree of disablement entitlement is rounded to the nearest 10p and the lower rates rounded to the nearest 1p

7.3 Industrial Death Benefit is part of the Industrial Injuries Scheme and is paid to the widow, widowers or dependents of someone who has died as a result of an industrial injury or disease. It is paid at the same rate as the Old State Pension and is uprated through the triple lock guarantee which ensures that pensions increase by the greatest of average earnings, prices as measured by CPI or 2.5%. As 2.5% is the highest rate this year the higher rate widow's pension of £134.25 will increase to £137.60, the lower rate widow's pension of £40.28 to £41.28. The widower's pension of £134.25 will increase to £137.60. This is a closed benefit and was abolished for all new claims in 2012 and is payable only if the person died before 1988.



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