Social Housing Net Zero Heat Fund: how to apply

Fund to help social housing landlords install zero direct emission heating systems and energy efficiency measures. Find out how to apply.

Theme 1 - Zero Direct Emissions Heating Systems for Social Housing across Scotland

Theme 1 focuses on supporting the development of projects that can deliver innovative technologies and integrated zero direct emission heating systems that deliver reliable, affordable heat to social housing in all parts of Scotland. These projects can also contain energy efficiency upgrades to maximise the efficiency of the new technology being installed.

The following technologies are eligible for funding: 

  • air source heat pumps
  • ground source heat pumps
  • water source heat pumps
  • biomass boilers
  • connection to existing heat networks

The full list of eligible measures can be found in the guidance.

The following technologies can be considered in conjunction with zero direct emission heat solutions:

  • solar panels
  • battery storage
  • thermal storage

Theme 2 – “Fabric First” Energy Efficiency projects

Theme 2 focuses on supporting projects that are installing energy efficiency measures within social housing.

Projects submitted under theme 2 should ideally consider the installation of more than one energy efficiency measure where practically possible. If this is not possible, the application form must provide robust evidence as to why additional measures have not been included.

Projects will be required to demonstrate a commitment to installing eligible zero direct emission heating systems in these properties.

If you are considering a measure not included in the above list please contact us by email at



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