Social Housing Net Zero Heat Fund - call for funding applications - 2022

Application form and guidance notes for the Social Housing Net Zero Heat Fund 2022 call for applications.

Eligibility criteria

Applications are welcome from social housing projects that deliver  zero emissions heating systems heat provision. They must have a:

  • project location
  • proof of technology concept
  • end user for output identified and secured at time of submitting an application.

Applications from registered social landlords, local authorities and ESCOs will be considered.

The Social Housing Net Zero Heat Fund is an outcomes and results-driven infrastructure investment programme so projects must meet the following mandatory criteria:

  • the ability to meet at least one of the funding invitation priority themes
  • the potential to deliver a significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (MtCOe) and energy consumption
  • the ability to secure other sources of funding/finance that make a minimum of 50% contribution towards the cost of final delivery costs of the project
  • the potential to have a positive and significant social impact on Scotland
  • the ability to deliver zero emissions heating systems and energy efficiency measures that can provide savings for social housing tenants
  • the provision of a clearly set out case for the requirement of and value added from grant support

Applicants will be required to provide information on previous or planned energy efficiency work undertaken. Furthermore, projects will be required to demonstrate a reduction in energy bills for their tenants.



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