Small landholdings legislation: guide to the law in Scotland

There are only a few Small Landholdings left in Scotland and these are governed by complex, historic legislation. This guide summarises key legal elements for those with an interest.

The Legislation

All legislation will collectively be referred to throughout the Guide as “the Landholders Acts”.

Links to the Acts:
Crofters Holdings (Scotland) Act 1886 (the “1886 Act”):

Crofters Common Grazings Regulation Act 1891 (the “1891 Act”):

Congested Districts (Scotland) Act 1897 (the “1897 Act”):

Crofters Common Grazings Regulation Act 1908 (the “1908 Act”):

Small Landholders (Scotland) Act 1911 (the “1911 Act”):

Small Holdings Colonies Acts of 1916 (the “1916 Act”):

Small Holdings Colonies (Amendment) Act of 1918 (the “1918 Act”):

Land Settlement (Scotland) Act 1919 (the “1919 Act”):

Small Landholders and Agricultural Holdings (Scotland) Act 1931 (the “1931 Act”):


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