Small Business Survey Scotland: 2022-2023

Findings for Scotland from the Small Business Survey 2022-2023

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  • in 2022-23, 26 per cent of SME employers in Cohort A in Scotland had installed some kind of energy efficiency measure in the prior year. This is broadly in line with the proportion in the UK (20 per cent)
  • in 2022-23, 48 per cent of SMEs in Cohort A for Scotland had no smart meter (electrical or gas) installed on their business premises. This is in line with the UK proportion of 50 per cent
  • 81 per cent of businesses in Scotland in 2022-23 had no plans to install a low carbon heating system in the next 12 months following the survey (akin to the UK proportion of 83), with a total of only 12 per cent planning to install a heating system or energy efficiency measures, or both


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