Small Business Survey Scotland: 2021

Findings for Scotland from the Small Business Survey 2021.

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Energy (New for 2021)

The below section on energy is a new addition to the Scottish Small Business Survey, and subsequently comparison with data from previous years is not available. Comparison with UK results is still included where appropriate.

Energy Efficiency Measures – Cohort A

In 2021, 22 per cent of SME employers in cohort A in Scotland had installed some kind of energy efficiency measure in the prior year. This is broadly in line with the UK. Of these businesses, 63 per cent brought in energy efficiency measures in order to reduce their energy costs, which was also the main reason in the UK as a whole.

Smart Meters – Cohort A

In 2021, 63 per cent of SMEs in cohort A for Scotland had no smart meter (electrical or gas) installed on their businesses premises. This is significantly higher than the proportion of businesses UK-wide who did not have a smart meter installed, which stood at 53 per cent.

Low Carbon Heating Measures – Cohort A

82 per cent of businesses in Scotland in 2021 had no plans to install a low carbon heating system in the next 12 months preceding the survey, with a total of only 7 per cent planning to install a heating system or energy efficiency measures, or both. This is broadly in line with the UK as a whole (8%).


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