Short term lets - licensing scheme part 1: guidance for hosts and operators

Licensing guidance intended for hosts and operators of short-term lets in Scotland. There is also supplementary guidance for licensing authorities to which you can refer for more detailed information.

Annex B

Application checklist

This list helps you check you have the relevant information to submit an application for a licence. Getting your application right first time will help you to get a decision more quickly.

Your licensing authority will set out the detail and format of any documentation that must accompany your application.


I am providing or intend to provide short-term lets – see definition of short-term lets in Annex A.

I know the date by which I need to apply for a licence – see paragraph 1.29.

I know whether I can continue operating whilst my application is processed – see paragraph 1.29.

I know which type of licence I want to apply for – see paragraph 8.10

  • home letting
  • home sharing
  • home sharing and home letting; or
  • secondary letting.

I have identified my licensing authority based on the address of my premises. You can find out which local authority your property is located in by entering the postcode at the following webpage: Find your local council - GOV.UK (

I have checked whether my licensing authority considers applications for temporary exemptions and, if so, whether I should apply for one – see details on temporary exemptions from paragraph 1.17.

I have checked whether my licensing authority considers applications for temporary licences and, if so, whether I should apply for one – see details on temporary licences from paragraph 1.24.

Applicants (see chapter 2)

I have identified the owners and those involved with the day-to-day management of my premises.

I have the permission of the owners of the premises (or their representative) in writing to use it for this purpose.

To the best of my knowledge, I and the other people I will name on my application are fit and proper persons.

I have contact details for the people and organisations I will name on my application form.

Mandatory conditions (see chapter 2)

Responsibility for the property Agents – I have identified those involved with the day-to-day management of my premises and know that I cannot change them without the licensing authority's approval.
General safety and standards General safety – I have taken all reasonable steps to ensure the property is safe for residential use.
Occupancy - I know how many guests I want to accommodate and I consider that I can do this safely. I have checked what the licensing authority will need to see regarding floor plans.
Repairing standard – I have worked out whether my premises is a dwellinghouse and whether the repairing standard applies to me. [If relevant] My premises meets the repairing standard.
[If relevant] EPC – my premises has a valid EPC certificate issued within the last 10 years.
Fire safety Fire safety: premises – I have installed satisfactory equipment to detect and warn against fire or suspected fire, and carbon monoxide.
Fire safety: furniture and furnishings - my furniture and furnishings / furniture and furnishing guests have access to comply with fire safety regulations and I have records that demonstrate compliance.
Gas safety Gas safety – I have an up to date Gas Safety Certificate (dated within the last 12 months).
Electrical safety Electrical safety – I have made sure my electrical fittings and items are in good working order;
arranged for an electrical safety inspection to be carried out by a competent person;
obtained an Electrical Installation Condition Report on any fixed installations; and
obtained a Portable Appliance Testing Report on moveable appliances to which my guests have access and labelled inspected items.
Water safety Water supply – I have established that my premises are supplied with water by Scottish Water or I have established that my premises has a private water supply and I comply with the relevant regulations.
I have completed a legionella risk assessment.
Other Information for guests – I have prepared information for guests and know where I will put it for them on the premises.
Planning permission – I have established whether I need to submit evidence that I have planning permission (or a certificate of lawful use of development) or have made an application.
Listings: licence number – I have made plans to display my licence number on adverts and listings.
[If relevant] Listings: EPC rating– I have made plans to display my EPC rating on adverts and listings.
Buildings insurance – I have checked that there is valid buildings insurance in place for the premises.
Public liability insurance - I have checked that there is valid public liability insurance in place whilst my premises is let as a short-term let.

Additional conditions

I have checked whether my licensing authority has any additional licence conditions and I can comply with the ones that are likely to apply to me – see paragraph 2.55.

Other matters to consider

Food safety - I understand the food hygiene and safety rules that apply to me.

I comply with legal requirements that relate to fire safety set out in the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 – see from paragraphs 2.17.

I have checked the title deeds of my premises.

I will declare my income from my short-term let activity for tax purposes.

I have checked with my lender that I am allowed to use my premises for this purpose.

I am complying with other legal requirements that affect me, my business or my premises.

I have considered engaging with my neighbours


I know the fee that I will charged and I am ready to pay it with my application- see paragraph 3.24.



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