Short term lets - licensing scheme part 1: guidance for hosts and operators

Licensing guidance intended for hosts and operators of short-term lets in Scotland. There is also supplementary guidance for licensing authorities to which you can refer for more detailed information.

5. Responsibilities upon obtaining a licence

(a) Information to be displayed[30]

You must make the following information available within the premises in a place where it is accessible to all guests—

a) a certified copy of the licence and the licence conditions,

b) fire, gas and electrical safety information,

c) details of how to summon the assistance of emergency services,

d) a copy of the gas safety report,

e) a copy of the Electrical Installation Condition Report, and

f) a copy of the Portable Appliance Testing Report.

5.1. How you do this is up to you. You might display the information on a notice board or in a folder containing details about the premises. The important point is that guests can access it easily. You may also wish to consider providing digital copies alongside booking confirmation.

(b) Listings to include licence number, maximum occupancy and EPC rating[31]

You must ensure that any listing or advert (whether electronic or otherwise) for your premises includes—

a) the licence number,

b) the maximum number of guests permitted to reside in the premises, and

c) a valid Energy Performance Certificate rating, if you are required to have one for the premises.

5.2. Where you have a licence, you must display your licence number on any listing or advert. Displaying your licence number will help guests to know that the accommodation meets the standards of the licensing scheme.

5.3. Where you have electronic listings or adverts, for example on your own website or on a platform, you should update your listing or advert as soon as reasonably practicable after receiving your licence.

5.4. Licensing authorities and letting agencies (platforms) will conduct checks to ensure that licence numbers on listings and adverts are genuine and that these requirements are complied with.

5.5. You should be clear on any advert or listing, and in your booking terms and conditions, on the maximum number of guests that you can accommodate under the terms of your licence.

5.6. You must display your EPC rating where you are required to have a valid EPC certificate. This will give your guests an idea about the energy performance of your property and also an indication of how costly the property is to heat, if they have to pay for it.

5.7. Listings only need to display the EPC rating, not the full certificate. However, licensing authorities may wish to request a copy of the certificate as part of the licence application verification process. Note that you can be fined for failing to display an EPC rating for your premises on listings under existing building standards legislation.

5.8. If your application has been refused or your licence has been revoked, as soon as you are notified, you should take down any adverts or listings for your property. Using your property for short-term lets would be an offence (operating without a licence) and your adverts or listings could be perceived or used as evidence of your intention to break the law.



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