Short-term lets: consultation annexes

Research annexes to supplement the short-term lets consultation paper on a regulatory framework for Scotland.


1. These annexes form part of the Short-Term Lets: Consultation on Regulatory Framework for Scotland which can be accessed at the following webpage:

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8. "Peer-to-peer accommodation can be broadly defined as accommodation – such as spare room or an entire home – made available by an existing homeowner for others to rent, normally for a short period of time" (Open Data Institute, 2018, p. 3).



11. For a SPICe report on short-term lets in Edinburgh published in April 2019, see

12. In 2017/18 the Isle of Skye had 550 Airbnb listings, i.e. 1 Airbnb for every 8 homes (Channel 4 News 2018). Alasdair Rae argued that there was a 91% increase in Airbnb listings in the area of Highland between 2016/17 and 2017/18 (Channel 4 news 2018). According to the Chartered Institute of Housing report (2019), Skye in 2017 had 5,813 dwellings and 550 Airbnb listings, i.e. almost one Airbnb listing for every 10 dwellings.

13. An active Airbnb listing is defined as "a listing that appears on the website during a search. Active listings do not necessarily have availability on a particular date or at all." (Airbnb 2017a, p. 12).

14. The difference in the number of listings between July and November 2018 is due to season variations in tourism. Listings might not necessarily be active and each property might have more than one listing, corresponding for instance to separate rooms.

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16. They used the Scottish Government's 2015 estimated Stock of Dwellings.

17. According to Wachsmuth et al. (2017, p. 22) 'multi-listings' are defined as listings that belong to hosts who advertise two or more entire homes or three or more private rooms.

18. According to Rae (2018, p. 4), "It is important to note that not all entire home listings are available all year round, so the extent to which housing stock is 'lost' to the long-term rental market is difficult to discern from such headline figures." Rae, A. (2018). "From neighbourhood to "globalhood"? Three propositions on the rapid rise of short-term rentals." Area 0: 1-5.


20. Hosts might advertise on Airbnb and similar platforms one or more rooms of their residence and the entire property when they are away. Therefore, a single property might have more listings and thus we need to interpret the data on multi-listings with caution.

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22. Hosts are defined as Airbnb community members who rent a space using the Airbnb platform.

23. Median value of total income earned by a typical host during a year. A typical host operates at least one active listing and has at least one booking during the year studied.

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26. Calculated using the Experimental Index of Private Housing Rental Prices for Scotland. The same percentage between January 2011 and February 2019 is 17.7% for England and 6.4% for Wales. There are no 2011 data for Northern Ireland in this Index.

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35. The tourism industry is based on the Scottish Government's 'Sustainable Tourism Growth Sector' definition.

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37. STR Global is a source of global data on the hotel market and benchmarking.

38. The research included a literature review, analysis of secondary data provided by AirDNA, and case studies that brought together secondary data and primary qualitative evidence.

39. LJ Research is a tourism market research company based in Edinburgh and acquired in 2016 by STR global.

40. All the websites used for Annex B were accurate as for 8th April 2019.

41. Limit on number of nights a property can be let per year.

42. Limit on number of permits that can be issued.

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48. In 2014, local city districts temporarily stopped issued new licenses because the limit of 10% of the total number of properties in the private housing sector has been exceeded.

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50. For HomeAway regulations in London:

51. Even if hosts rent out their property for less than 90 consecutive nights but for more than 90 days cumulatively in a year.

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