Shifting Normal - designing projects to tackle climate change: summary guide

This summary guide is designed to help community groups tackling climate change maximise their success by taking account of how change happens.

The Four Questions – To do or not to do?

These are the Four Questions people ask themselves – nearly always unconsciously – as they make choices and decisions.
For something to be easy to do, the answer to every question must be “yes”.

Does it feel right?

The way we feel is often an immediate, instinctive reaction and that initial impression can be hard to overcome later. However strong other more logical reasons might be, if something feels wrong or makes us uncomfortable, we will resist doing it.

Does it make sense?

We like to think we are rational beings, but we often use rules of thumb and over, or under, estimate costs and benefits – financial and otherwise. We also ‘rationalise’ decisions we’ve actually made for other reasons.

Does it fit into my day?

Most of the things we do, we do from habit, often prompted by our household and workplace routines. Changes are easier if they fit into our existing habits and routines. External schedules for transport, work and school can also influence our choices.

Can I do it?

We may want to do it but may be prevented from doing so by our lack of skills and confidence. We may also need particular tools, equipment and infrastructure to do things.


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