Shaping Scotland's Economy - Inward Investment Plan: progress report 2022

The Inward Investment Plan: progress report 2022 sets out what has been delivered since the Plan’s publication and what we will deliver next. It also sets out our priorities for the next phase of Plan delivery to drive forward our ambitions of attracting values-led investment to Scotland.


Scotland continues to deliver a strong performance in attracting inward investment, cementing our position as the UK’s leading destination outside of London. Our Inward Investment Plan gives us the clarity of focus and evidence base to continue to deliver these results. They add significantly to Scotland’s national and regional economies and also create opportunities for Scotland’s domestic businesses to grow and prosper. We will continue to work to reinforce our ambitions for Scotland to be a leading destination for inward investment aligned with our values as a nation, recognising that attracting businesses to invest in Scotland is a key driver of our long-term economic wellbeing and prosperity.



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