Sexual Health and Blood Borne Virus Framework 2015-2020 Update

It is an update on the progress made since the original Framework document was published in 2011.


The first Sexual Health and Blood Borne Virus Framework was published by the Scottish Government in 2011. The Framework brought together policy on sexual health and wellbeing, HIV and viral hepatitis for the first time. It set out five high-level outcomes which the Government wished to see delivered, and it sought to strengthen and improve the way in which the NHS, the Third Sector and Local Authorities supported and worked with individuals at risk of poor sexual health or blood borne viruses.

Four years have passed since the Framework was published and much work has been undertaken. In some areas good progress has been made, in others it is still early days. When the Framework was published it was clearly recognised that the five high level outcomes would not be delivered within the lifetime of that policy document. The Framework was intended to be the first steps upon a longer journey.

This document is an update to the 2011 Framework. This is not intended to present a significant change in direction, nor to replace the original Framework. As well as reporting on progress, this update seeks to reflect on experience over the last four years to refine main messages. It will identify key emerging issues where more focus is now needed and set out where a different approach is now possible. This document also recognises that teenage pregnancy, which was addressed in the original Framework document, will now have its own separate strategy document, to be published by the Scottish Government in early 2016. There will continue to be links between the two policy areas, as reflected throughout this document.

The original Sexual Health and Blood Borne Virus Framework remains an important underpinning policy document, and this update should be read alongside it. In an effort to keep this document as concise as possible no attempt is made to re-state or reiterate the main points from the original Framework.

This updated document outlines the specific areas of focus for 2015-2020.


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