Sex offender community disclosure scheme: overview

How to apply to the police for information if you have concerns about someone's access to a child.

How are registered child sexual offenders usually managed?

By law, Local Authorities, Police, Scottish Prison Service and NHS have to work together, sharing information to manage known offenders. This process is known as MAPPA (Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements). You will have local MAPPA in your area. The agencies involved in MAPPA use a range of methods to manage offenders and reduce the risk of them committing further offences. The management arrangements include:

  • police visits and interviews;
  • regular multi-agency meetings to share information, take action and reduce the risk of harm;
  • ongoing reviews of the level of risk each offender poses;
  • surveillance of high-risk offenders;
  • treatment to reduce re-offending;
  • recalling offenders to prison for any serious breach of the conditions of their release; providing supervised accommodation where offenders can be closely watched, tagged or put under an appropriate curfew; and
  • controlling how information about specific offenders is shared with the public or key community representatives.


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