Self-directed Support: Practitioners Guidance

A practice guide on Self-directed Support for practitioners

Appendix: Further reading

Section 1 – Intro

Section 2 – Legal Duties

Section 4 – Assessment & Capacity

Section 5 – Eligibility

Section 6 – Support Planning

  • Personal Outcomes Plan – guidance to staff. Joint Improvement Team Scotland
  • The keys to life – Improving Quality of Life for People with Learning Disabilities: Scottish Government
  • SCIE Guide 17: The participation of adult service users
  • There are a number of guides by In Control available to support both practitioners and individuals (child and adult) develop their support plan.
    • In the Driving Seat and Top Tips
    • Life and Support
    • A Step-by-Step Guide
    • Support Planning and Older People

Further planning tools can be found at:

Section 7 – Risk

Section 8 – The 4 Options

Section 9 – Implications for Support by Family Members

Section 10 – Children and Families

Section 11 – Monitoring and Reviewing


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