Self-directed Support: A Guide for Carers

A guide for Carers who are looking after someone who gets support from the local council.


After a time, there will be a review to check if your needs have changed.

Reviews are co-produced between professionals and supported people.


It is the responsibility of the Council to make sure the support you receive is meeting your needs and that you are on course to achieve your agreed outcomes. The Council must review the support that you get at least once a year. If your circumstances change, you can ask for a review to be done as soon as possible.

A review is not as formal as a full assessment, but it will take into account the original assessment that you had and any other changes to your circumstances.

If you are caring for someone and their support is being reviewed, this will also look at whether the care you are providing has changed or is going to change in the future so that the support they get can complement this.


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