Self-directed Support: A Guide for Carers

A guide for Carers who are looking after someone who gets support from the local council.

Option 3: arranged support

This is the option for people who want to have their support arranged for them. The individual budget is worked out by the Council following the assessment, and then the Council will arrange all the support that is needed.

The person getting the support is still involved in planning the kind of support they want, but all of the detail of planning the support, and all of the arranging and payment is done by the Council. The support that the Council arranges can be provided from their own Social Work services department, from another agency, or any sort of service provider that will provide the Services that are needed.

Taking option 3 does not mean that you have given up all control over your support. The Council will still work with you to find support that is right for you. It just means that you let the Council recommend support and, if you're happy with what they offer, arrange it for you.

Carers and option 3

Carers can help the person they look after to choose what kind of support they get, and they can also get support under option 3 in their own right.


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