Second Consultation on a New Tenancy for the Private Sector: Analysis of Consultation Responses

This report presents an analysis of responses to the Scottish Government's second public consultation on a proposed New Tenancy for the Private Sector. The consultation sought stakeholder views on proposals which had been further developed and in some cases amended following an initial consultation held in 2014.


1. This was a general comment rather than a specific answer to one or all of the questions on each of the 11 proposed grounds.

2. As noted earlier, general comments made by those supporting the Living Rent petition also suggested that none of the grounds should be mandatory.

3. The standard response submitted by the Living Rent Campaign disagreed at Question 7b and suggested notice periods should be no less than 16 weeks. It is assumed, therefore, that the campaign response should not be taken as a statement in support of the 12 week period proposed.

4. The partial EQIA does consider how the proposals would affect landlords who fall into one of the protected characteristics groups.


Email: Hannah Davidson

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