Sea fishing - Firth of Clyde seasonal closures: Operation Galene

Operation plan detailing how Marine Scotland will monitor and ensure compliance with The Sea Fish (Prohibition On Fishing) (Firth Of Clyde) (No. 2) Order 2022.


AIS – Automatic identification system (marine tracking system)

CBO - Coastal Boarding Officer (coastal office-based staff who assist Marine operations on request)

ESOA - Enforcement Standards and Operational Assurance (team within MS Compliance)

FPN - Fixed Penalty Notice

IBTS - International Bottom Trawl Survey

IPP - Inshore Protection Programme

MPV – Marine protection vessel

MS - Marine Scotland

MSC - Marine Scotland Compliance Division

MSIR - Marine Scotland Information Report (intelligence reporting system)

MSS - Marine Scotland Science Division

NGOs – Non-governmental organisation

PPS - Performance Policy Strategy (team within MS Compliance)

RIB- Rigid inflatable boat

SAMPA - South of Arran Marine Protected Area

SSI – Scottish Statutory Instrument

VMS - Vessel monitoring system (secure satellite tracking system)

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